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James Gunn Talks Star Wars Holiday Special

James Gunn

When you think about James Gunn, you likely think about his time with the Guardians of the Galaxy films that he has both made and will continue to make. The first two movies were revelations in the best way possible and despite a debacle via Disney, he’s back in the saddle again and is making not just a third movie in the line, but he’s also making…a holiday special. Now, at first that might not seem odd given who James Gunn, is, but one person out there in the Twitterverse felt a disturbance in the Force…Mark Hamill.

Yes, Luke Skywalker himself heard about what James Gunn was doing and noted:

Because if you didn’t know, Star Wars during its original trilogy also did a “holiday special” that was part live-action, part animation, and all…bad. It was not the best thing ever and as a result both fans and the very canon of the universe deny that this event ever took place. So you’d think that James Gunn would acknowledge that the Star Wars Holiday special was bad but say his will be fine, right? Well…

“For the record, I unironically liked the Star Wars Holiday Special when it first aired when I was a kid. Especially the Boba Fett stuff. Sure, I was confused, but it was all the Star Wars I was gonna get that year & I ate it up,”

Gunn makes a compelling point about not understanding the grander scale of things and caring about quality when you’re able to view more of a franchise that you love.

To be clear, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is going to be in live-action (outside of CGI of course) and apparently will be canon in the MCU. Hopefully this special fares much better than the one that came before it.