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It’s The Marvel Universe Vs. Vampires in “Blood Hunt”, Marvel’s Summer Crossover Event


The Marvel Universe is under attack this summer, but it’s not by Skrulls, or Hydra, or an army of Supervillains led by Doctor Doom or the Red Skull. Instead, it’s vampires. Lots and lots of vampires.

This May, Marvel will launch “Blood Hunt”, a new crossover event that is spread across the entire line of Marvel Comics, from Spider-Man, to the Avengers, to the X-Men and beyond. The main story will be in the 5 issue “Blood Hunt” mini-series (written by Jed MacKay, with art by Pepe Larraz) but there will be multiple spin-off limited series, one shots, and tie-ins in the various ongoing series.

Also, with the release of Blood Hunt #1 on May 1st, if you visit participating comic shops on that date, you will be given special vampire teeth provided by Marvel, to help celebrate the event. Also, each pair of teeth comes packaged with an exclusive trading card.

Comic shops will carry vampire teeth and “Blood Hunt” trading cards on May 1st

MacKay released the following statement: “I think vampires are a very fun part of the Marvel Universe. You can enjoy them on a surface level as adding a little spookiness to a book, or you can get as deep as you like into the long-running Marvel history of vampires, which is as elaborate as any other part of it…and the fact that Dracula is there is a source of endless delight!”

“Blood Hunt is just the latest chapter in the long-running vampire mythos of Marvel vampires – and they’re stepping out of the darkness in a big way.”

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski also shared a statement on the upcoming event: “Much like Civil War and Secret Invasion, Blood Hunt is a story that has been naturally building across Marvel’s comics over the last few years (and some even older stories), and it all comes to a head this May as Jed connects all the dots.

As the series unfolds, readers will be able to uncover clues and go back and put the pieces together to see just how high the stakes are for our beloved characters. Pun intended.”

With over 50 tie-in issues confirmed, this is arguably the biggest crossover event in a few years. Back in the 2000’s (the height of the ‘Mega Crossover” period) we had events like “House of M”, “Civil War” and “Secret Invasion”, but by the mid 2010’s the “Mega Crossover” period had burned out (with “Civil War II” and “Secret Empire” being the last major crossovers of that era). In 2018, Marvel launched it’s “Fresh Start” initiative, which saw the relaunch of several titles, and which eased off on line-wide crossovers for a few years.

Marvel also recently released an Event Trailer, to help promote the event:

Look for “Blood Hunt #1” at your local comic shop (or available for digital purchase) on May 1st.

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