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It’s The Cuphead Show! First Clip From Netflix

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Nearly two years ago, Netflix announced they were putting a cartoon version of the hit video game Cuphead into production. People have been starved for a clip of The Cuphead Show ever since, and it was only today that Netflix obliged. It’s still not ready for a full trailer, but it appears  some part of it HAS been completed, enough to make this clip. Cuphead himself doesn’t show up in it:

We get a whole lot of King Dice, though, and Wayne Brady is voicing him. He speaks to a crowded auditorium and invites the guests to make bets with him — what could be the harm in it, right? Don’t those utensils and vegetables know not to trust Dice? Not yet, apparently — The Cuphead Show has been confirmed to be a prequel to the game. The show’s producers say that you’ll see all the characters you eventually beat up, and get to know them a little better.

Some people have said this trailer looks a bit too “clean” for the 1930s, but according to art director Andrea Fernandez, the goal was to get as close as possible. “Everything, not just the paintings, but the color palette, the effects, the way we handle props, the linework, everything is looked at from a lens of like, could they have done this in the 30s? Could they have pulled this off? If it feels like it’s too modern or not possible for them to have done then we kind of pull back and reassess.”

Which will come first — The Cuphead Show, or the original game’s long-delayed “Delicious Last Course” DLC? Until now it was a wash, but now we can say the cartoon will most probably make it out. There is still no release date, though.

Netflix revealed a ton of other cartoon information today, and 100% of it was video game related. The Castlevania anime spinoff has been confirmed to focus on a different Belmont (Richter, the son of Trevor and Sypha) and take place during the French Revolution. A CGI Splinter Cell series is in the works, written by Derek Kolstad (creator of John Wick) — it’s the closest thing to a new Splinter Cell in years. There will also be Captain Laserhawk, a six-part anime set in the Far Cry world.