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Is This A Clip From A Crash Bandicoot Animated Series?

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With several games sitting on Target shelves right this minute, including a brand-new sequel that critics love, now would be the perfect time to attempt an animated TV series starring Crash Bandicoot. If a recent discovery on Reddit is to be believed, someone else had the same idea too.

A user claiming to be connected to a Crash cartoon being developed for Amazon Prime Video posted a 30-second clip to prove it, a clip that is now gone but has been mirrored in the tweet below. Though it hasn’t been verified, the clip is slick enough that being a fake is unlikely. It seems to be a test animation done as a pilot, and it follows the marsupial’s origin as we know it: Dr. Neo Cortex creates Crash, Cortex instantly regrets creating Crash, Crash escapes. Bill Kopp (Eek the Cat, Mad Jack the Pirate) is said to be the showrunner, and it looks like his style all right.

The uploader also made the claim the whole project has just been cancelled, a claim we can’t verify right now (and hope isn’t true). He also shared pieces of the writers’ bible for the series, which were offline by the time we were tipped off about this. (The fact that Reddit removed his post without saying why is the biggest evidence this is a real leak.)

What’s interesting is that in another universe, the first clip of a 2D animated Crash might have happened in the game itself. A minute-long animated opening was originally conceived for an earlier version of the Playstation original, to play as an FMV when the game booted up. But they went in a different direction and the animation was cut, only to be found and leaked years later. Despite being a bit out of canon, it has a lot in common with what leaked today…very rubbery stuff.

Crash also made an animated guest appearance on one episode of the Skylanders TV series a few years back, which was CG animated. The unusual thing about that one was that Crash SPOKE, in full articulated sentences (he has an Australian accent, if you ever wanted to know). We can’t tell if Crash is meant to talk in this cartoon…he makes noises, but those don’t count.

If more information comes in about this alleged Crash cartoon, we’ll update this post. For now, just enjoy it before it disappears again.