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Is Henry Cavill Coming Back As Superman?


The state of both the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes are in a bit of flux right now with the growing lockdown, but both are maintaining that their various films will continue to be made and released in timely matters. But for DC, one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is the state of Superman, who helped kickoff the DC Extended Universe and hasn’t been seen (in full) since Justice League. Well, a new report is stating that Henry Cavill is in talks to come back as the Man of Steel.

Sources are telling Deadline that at present, there are no plans for Man of Steel 2, but rather, Cavill coming back to play a part in an upcoming DC Comics film. Obviously, that would rule out The Batman, The Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman 1984 for various reasons. But, that would open up a cameo for The Flash solo film, Shazam 2 or Black Adam, as well as Aquaman 2.

Or, in light of the recent reveal of the Snyder Cut, it could be that DC Comics and Warner Bros may want to sign him up for a potential return as Superman in the next Justice League movie should it be greenlighted.

The reason Cavill is in a “tenuous” place the man from Krypton is that after the “failure” of Justice League, Warner Bros decided to rewrite and restart certain things, including giving Matt Reeves control of The Batman and recasting the role that was held by Ben Affleck for two films. Then rumors and speculation stated that Cavill was out as Superman, but Cavill himself denied this multiple times and said he wanted to return as Clark Kent.

And of course, he was part of the reveal of the Snyder Cut via Zack Snyder’s watch party of Man of Steel. What is the future of the DC Comics movie universe? Given all that’s happened in the last week, it may be more open to interpretation than ever before.