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Introducing Sega Forever


There is now a legitimate way to play Sega’s software library on your phone. Sega has introduced Sega Forever to iOS and Android, a mobile app that makes Sega’s 1990s library available anywhere.

The service launched today with five titles: Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star 2, Altered Beast, Comix Zone and Kid Chameleon. More games will be added on a biweekly basis. Support for wireless Bluetooth controllers is built in, and if I were you I wouldn’t even attempt something as brutal as Comix Zone with fake phone buttons.

Sega Forever is free to download and ad-supported, but you’re given the option of losing the ads by depositing $2 per game. Free or not, the app will thankfully allow you to play Sega games even without a Web connection. (To get onto the Leaderboard, you’ll have to be online.)

You might notice that all the launch titles are from the Genesis. Typically these kinds of collections stick to the pre-polygon era, but not this time — Sega is promising that eventually Saturn and Dreamcast games will become available in Sega Forever. Who knows what’s planned, but they would be doing a great service by making Panzer Dragoon Saga playable to a mass audience once again.

There’s even good news here for people who have no desire to play on their phones at all: Sega is considering expanding the Forever service to consoles and the PC. Sega rep Mike Evans claims it would be rather simple, since 90% of the games are running off the Unity engine. It’ll depend on the response to the phone version, so get to downloadin’. Sega Forever is available now on iOS and Android.


  1. This service would be better if it was on consoles as opposed to smartphones

    Plus it is just putting pre-existing mobile games on there which seems like a waste

    I'll stick with Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for now until they put something that ISN'T one of the 80's Yu Suzuki arcade games, unless it's Outrun or After Burner since those aren't on SUGC!

  2. They hyped up the same re-released Mega Drive games they've always done, except now the frame rate is bad, it comes packed with bloatware disguised as a fancy Unity frontend and you can't turn off the filtering they use. And they have the gall to promise Saturn and Dreamcast, when it's obvious they'll only port over NiGHTS and whatever Dreamcast games they rereleased, simply because they likely won't go to the effort of emulating either console.

    Give me something I haven't seen before, not the same old stuff. At least they aren't taking RetroArch source code without crediting them like before.