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Infinity Train Rides To Third Season, But Different Destination


Earlier this year Infinity Train creator Owen Dennis said that WB was thinking of giving the show a third season, but only if it performed well on HBO Max, the place the existing episodes were being moved to. The implications were obvious: if a Season 3 was to happen, it sure wasn’t going to be on Cartoon Network.

Good news on this end (unless you were hoping the show would stay on CN): the view counts must have been good enough, because we are getting that Season 3! Infinity Train is now a Max Original and we also now know who the third story will focus on. If you watched Season 2, they will be very familiar.

The first two seasons of Infinity Train appeared on Cartoon Network in the summer of 2019 and the winter of 2020 respectively. The first followed a teenager named Tulip who became trapped on the train after mistaking it for a ride to computer camp. With the help of a talking dog and a quirky spherical robot, she found her way to the train’s front car and discovered its secret (which we’re not mentioning here in case any of you haven’t watched this yet).

Tulip managed to escape the train, but it didn’t seem like Season 2’s protagonist would be so lucky. Along her journey she ran through a reflective car that spawned a living mirror version of her. Season 2 now revolved around Mirror Tulip, who on the run from the train’s law enforcement, gets assistance from new passenger Jesse and a strange deer Jesse has named “Alan Dracula.” Mirror Tulip wants to escape the train, but since she was created there, is it even possible?

We won’t tell you if she made it or not, but we will point out that in one car they met a rebel faction of passengers called APEX who, contrary to most kids, were dedicated to staying ON the train as long as possible. It’s those guys that will be the focus of Season 3, and we already met the central characters, Grace (leader of APEX) and Simon (second in command). In the poster below you’ll also spot the newest passenger, Hazel, and the latest Train Weirdo, a giant purple gorilla named Tuba.

There is no mentioned release date for Season 3 of Infinity Train, but we’re told it will be “very soon.”