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Infinity Train CONFIRMED By Cartoon Network, Launches 2019

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Remember back when a certain pilot filled with offbeat characters appeared online and became a cult hit? And everyone begged Cartoon Network to pick it up and they finally did? Remember what that pilot was called?

Right……Adventure Time. Its success made them happy, rich and fat. The closest chance they have to repeat that success was just confirmed for a 2019 release.

We’re not exaggerating. When CN released a new batch of pilots two years ago, the Infinity Train short became an instant hit, racking up over two million views on YouTube. It was one of two shorts to attract a massive cult following. The other pilot with a fanbase was Twelve Forever which was snapped up by Netflix two months ago…that’s what happens when you dawdle too long.

But Infinity Train got so much buzz that the creator was being interviewed by podcasts and was given a Reddit AMA just over the short. Everyone was tantalized by the eight-minute glimpse they got into this world and the strange mysteries it established…this reporter included. I wanted more.

For those of you who still haven’t seen Infinity Train, the original short is embedded below. Watch it and get absorbed into the mystery. Because we can finally say….THERE WILL BE MORE WHERE THIS CAME FROM!

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