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Infinity Train Book 3: New Trailer Revealed During Panel

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We got a big surprise when the Infinity Train virtual panel streamed during ComicCon@Home this morning. Not only are we getting the third season (or “book” as they’re called in-show) much sooner than previously implied, there’s a full trailer already.

It wasn’t that long ago that creator Owen Dennis was pleading with fans to watch the first two “books” on HBO Max, suggesting its future depended on the numbers it pulled in. Of course, the man never specifically stated Season 3 hung in the balance. Maybe he was referring to Season 4? Or maybe they’ve just streamlined the process and can bang these seasons out really quick.

Either way, it means at least ten more Infinity Train episodes and we can’t complain about that. The newest Infinity Trailer appears around minute 39 of this 44-minute panel:

Every season of Infinity Train so far has focused on an element introduced during the previous season. In Book One, passenger Tulip wandered into a mirror car at one point and produced a metallic version of herself, who became the center focus of Book Two. Then, while Mirror Tulip was doing HER thing, she ran across a gang of rebel kids called APEX who were determined to stay on the train as long as possible.

They’ll be the focus of Book 3. Grace, the lader of the gang, and Simon, her second-in-command, are exploring a jungle-themed car when they run into passenger Hazel. They notice something peculiar about her number and they decide to take her back to APEX HQ. Crazy happenings ensue, some involving a giant purple gorilla.

How many books does Dennis have in that head of his? According to the panel, “we have eight different ideas for stuff we’d love to make, each with different themes and topics.” Time (and fan response) will tell if he gets to make all eight. Dennis adds that “we’d love to do comics and other media, too.” Hear that, Boom Studios?

All ten episodes of Infinity Train: Book 3 will premiere August 13 on HBO Max.