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Inferno Returns In SoulCalibur VI


Who’s the firey guy that just turned up in SoulCalibur VI? if you don’t know, you’re likely new to the series. The original Big Bad of the SoulCalibur universe has returned?

As villains go, Inferno goes ALL the way back. He was the antagonist of the original Soul Blade game and was the original wielder of Soul Edge. Inferno made reappearances in the early SoulCalibur titles before quietly retiring into the background. But he’s not dead yet!

As the evil spirit of Soul Edge, Inferno is fearsome, possessing deep knowledge of fighting techniques which he mimics with uncanny skill, allowing him to use any weapon and fighting style with a phenomenal degree of expertise. Inferno’s power defies standard means of measurement, if one were only comparing skill and weaponry, then Inferno easily transcends any of Soul Edge’s previous vessels.

Thanks to his mimic ability, Inferno is truly unpredictable and can throw pretty much anything at you. And he does it at a rapid pace, requiring well-honed skill to stand a chance against him in a match. If you’ve come far enough to face Inferno, you’re up for your biggest challenge yet.

Inferno is waiting in SoulCalibur VI, which launches in just a few days — October 19 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.