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I’m Worried About WWE’s Divas Division


I’ve been a wrestling fan for over a decade, and though I’ve missed some important moments in wrestling history (i.e. Monday Night Wars, NWO, the bulk of Austin and The Rock’s title reigns, etc.) I’ve seen a lot of good things too. As we continue through the years though, there’s been a trend WWE honestly hasn’t been able to buck out of fully for a while: a bad Divas division.

First off, I KNOW that women can wrestle, there are some women wrestlers that I think are better than the men! Or could even beat men in a fair fight! But there’s just something about WWE that really turns me off to the Divas division. I think it’s because they seem them as objects, and not as wrestlers.

I say this for a couple of reasons. First off, I was fully into TNA (a.k.a. WWE’s main competition) when they had the full power of the Knockouts Division behind them. Almost every single woman on their roster was a fighter, and they proved it many nights. Yes, they still had lookers, but they were lookers with moves and skills. When the Knockouts were on top, TNA was honestly never better, because they had full and complete divisions, no weaknesses. And even though they’ve lost their momentum, they’re still recognized for having a majority of their female roster being physical wrestlers. For WWE, they were never at that level!

Yes, even with Trish, and Lita, and Jazz, Victoria, and Mickie James (the latter two were big in TNA during it’s heyday), there were still gaps. For every Trish and Lita, there was a Torrie Wilson and Sable. And when the former three left, they began to focus on the looks of the women rather than the wrestling.

When I look at the women’s roster now, and I ask “How many of them do I truly think can wrestle to the level the fans want?”, the answer is two. Paige, and Natalya. For the record, I’m talking about main WWE roster, not NXT, I’ll get to them soon.

Paige is from a wrestling family, and Natalya is a Hart, so you KNOW she can wrestle. But who’s left after that? The Bella Twins? No. They’re better than when they started, but no. Naomi? Gosh no! That “Rear View” finisher is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen! Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox? No, no, and no!!!!


It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s just they’re not wrestlers, and we want to see wrestling! True, it’s “entertainment” and a lot of people see entertainment in looking at beautiful women. That’s fine. But after having people like Trish, Lita, Jazz, Alundra Blaze, and Chyna? Then we get girls like The Bellas? We notice!

One of the shining beacons of the Divas division in the last few years was AJ Lee. She was small, scrappy, funny, kind of nuts, and always a joy to see whether she was face or heel. She wasn’t a typical Diva, and we loved it and her! Her theme music, mixed with her upbeat personality and skipping around the ring showed us she was having as much fun as we were. She carried the division the last few years. And now… she’s retired. No more AJ.

Paige was meant to be her replacement. But Vince, they gave her a bad gimmick, made her look weak, and it wasn’t until AJ came back and started a feud with Paige that she started to get back over again. Now, the whole Division is on Paige, which is sad.

Why? Because the WWE is so focused on image, sales and ratings that they’re ignoring good wrestlers! When was the last time Natalya had a Divas title match? Or a run where she got to show how powerful and dominant she could be in the ring? Her gimmick with Tyson is sad, and the ones before that? Not much better. She’s a Hart! She’s a wrestler! And yet they’re misusing her talent.

The second reason I fear for the Divas division is Total Divas. Oh, my gosh. That show is trash. Part of what made AJ awesome was her refusal to do Total Divas. She wanted no part of it. But the other Divas? They’re in it for one reason or another. That show is faker than any wrestling match could ever be! They aren’t this crazy, not fully anyway. Half the stuff they do is super-scripted. But they get ratings cause people watch, “So, let’s keep it up!”, right? The dumbest part of it is that the show itself is pre-taped and aired months after “storylines” from RAW, Smackdown, Superstars and NXT have already played out. The season finale for Total Divas had The Bellas exploring a potential resignation from WWE to pursue family and other career opportunities. That’s dramatic! Except in real time Nikki was champion, and you know they weren’t going to resign. So…what was the point?

Ok, now let’s address the big elephant in the room, wrestling fans know what I’m referencing. NXT.

Let me be clear, NXT…ROCKS!!! They’re awesome! They’re epic, they’re fun to watch! And the Divas division there? LIGHTYEARS ahead of what we have now. Allow me to list five NXT Divas for you: Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, and Bayley. These five are the core of the NXT Divas division (yes, I know Emma’s back, but she’s struggling to find herself right now), and they’re awesome. At one of their recent events, they had an epic Fatal 4-Way match between Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, and Bayley, and again, it was epic! They brought the house down. Who could WWE put in a Fatal 4-Way and have that much epicness, with the roster they have now?

…that’s what I thought.


One of my first experiences with the NXT Divas division was Charlotte (when she was champ) vs. Bayley (who’s now one of my favorite wrestlers ever). The match I saw them have was so epic, I wondered how WWE could ever match it, even with AJ vs. Paige! It was that good.

So, does this mean the simple solution to the WWE Divas problem is “bring all the NXT girls up?”, the answer is: NO!!!!!!!

While I won’t deny it would fix problems, we must remember that Vince runs WWE, while Hunter runs NXT. It’s because of Vince that Paige almost got sent back down to NXT because he “didn’t like her”. Despite certain successes with NXT alumni coming up to WWE (The Shield, Rusev, Emma to a degree), there’s a lot of failures too (Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, The Ascension!!!). I fear for the NXT ladies, because I think that Vince will give them an “extra dose” of gimmick and totally kill their character. Charlotte is the daughter of Ric Flair and needs no extra gimmick. Sasha is “The Boss”, she flaunts that, she needs no help. Bayley is the big sister you want, the nicest girl on Earth who just wants to prove she’s worthy of being a champion. She’s not afraid to make friends and hug lots of people. NXT fans love chanting “Bayley’s gonna hug you!” SHE NEEDS NO HELP!  But if they get called up? Vince may not see it that way.

I mentioned them before, but The Ascension are a prime example of this. They were THE dominant tag team in NXT. Good on the mic, good on the mat. What happened when they were brought to WWE? They became a Legion of Doom knockoff, and got squashed. What. The. Heck??? Seriously, if that happens to any of those amazing NXT Divas? Especially Charlotte, Sasha, and Bayley? They’ll have killed three guaranteed hits among their audience.

They say a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Well, in a division of wrestling, it’s only as strong as the majority of the people who make it up. The Divas division in my opinion only have two true wrestlers. And they only use one effectively. The rest are mediocre, or are non-wrestlers. If something doesn’t change, and soon, it’ll never recover.