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A Hurricane Of DuckTales Characters Revealed


A duck-blur of new information was released today regarding Disney XD’s upcoming DuckTales TV series. We’ve seen Scrooge, Donald and his nephews, and even Gizmoduck, but no one else. Today the production crew revealed to Entertainment Weekly what the entire supporting cast looks like. There are a lot of familiar faces here, but a couple of new ones too.

Gladstone Gander, Donald’s irritatingly successful and outrageously lucky cousin, didn’t appear very often in the original TV series and when he did, he was neutered down. This version will be exactly what he was in the Barks comics — Donald’s rival who gets everything handed to him on an almost supernatural level, driving Donald insane. And this time, he irritates Scrooge as well.

Speaking of rivals, Flintheart Glomgold is Scrooge’s personal nemesis, and in 2017 he’s as ruthless and flint-hearted as ever. Co-producer Francisco Angones says “Glomgold is bigger, faster, and cheaper. An in-joke we had for him was that originally in the comics, he was South African, and then they made him Scottish in [the original] DuckTales, so we really leaned into that and decided that when Glomgold saw that Scrooge was a Scottish billionaire, he decided to be the cheap knock-off. More Scottish and even richer.”

This picture is our first confirmation that the Beagle Boys will be in the show, but only one Beagle is visible in the shot and the only other onscreen is Ma Beagle, who will be voiced by Margo Martindale. Every Beagle will be voiced by Eric Bauza.

And here’s our first look at Duckburg’s resident inventor, Gyro Gearloose! This time he’s voiced by Community’s Jim Rash, and he kind of looks like Dean. Glad to see they haven’t forgotten about his Helper robots either.

Allison Janney plays Goldie O’Gilt, Scrooge’s old flame. Angones says “In our adaptation, Scrooge is more of an adventure junkie than a gold addict, so we kept saying, ‘Well, if Scrooge is like Batman, then Goldie should be like Catwoman,’ She’s equally adventurous, every bit Scrooge’s equal, and he hates and loves that.”

So who’s this? Executive producer Matt Youngberg explains “We had a bunch of old money billionaires — Scrooge is the oldest money, this billionaire of the industrial revolution, and we have Glomgold — so we included somebody who’s representative of today’s billionaires, which is the tech industry billionaire.” Thus, the creation of Mark Beaks. “Mark Beaks doesn’t care as much about money as he cares about status and being buzzworthy and how many followers he has.” Naturally, they found an actor from HBO’s Silicon Valley to fill his pigeon toes. “Josh Brener was so incredibly on all the time, selling and pitching. He’s a character who’s so broad and over the top, you love to be annoyed by him,” said Angones.

We’ve been waiting for a long time, but the premiere of Disney’s DuckTales is finally within reach. The adventure begins again in August!