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Hunter X Hunter Goes Back On Hiatus


How long did you think Yoshihiro Togashi, the artist behind Hunter X Hunter, would be able to keep up his latest session on the famous manga? Which of you guessed three months?

Togashi returned to Hunter X Hunter on June 26; his next break will begin after the September 6 issue of Shonen Jump. The longest he has lasted without a break is 30 issues in a row; the longest break he’s ever taken is 80 issues.

Someone out there keeps up with these things and graphs them via the Hunter X Hunter Hiatus Chart. Only 2015 has gone without any chapters at all, but in recent years more months have been taken up by hiatuses than by new material. Toagshi, who turned 51 this year, blames bad back pain for the frequent breaks he has to take.

Hunter X Hunter (the X is silent) focuses on Gon (pronounced “Goan”), a young boy searching for his missing father. Said father was a legendary Hunter and Gon decides to sign up for the job himself in the process of tracking him down. Through the job certification process he meets fellow Hunters Kurapika, who seeks vengeance on a deadly gang of criminals; Leorio, a medical student who’s always chasing money; and soon-to-be-best-friend Killua, the youngest son of a powerful family of assassins. The story has gone on from there, following each Hunter as he pursues his goal.

Hunter X Hunter has been adapted into an anime twice: first from 1999 to 2001, and then from 2011 to 2014. The second adaption lasted a little longer, having more of the manga to work with. It’s currently running on Adult Swim’s Toonami block on Saturday nights, but if you want more, you can also watch the entire run on Crunchyroll without a paid subscription (there will be ads).