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Hulu’s Runaways To End With Season 3


Once the third season of Marvel’s Runaways premieres on Hulu next month, that’ll be all we get. Marvel announced today the series will be ending with Season 3.

Why’d you pull the plug, guys? Is it because you want all future Marvel TV projects to debut exclusively on Disney+? Maybe, but not necessarily….Disney owns a 60% stake in Hulu, and there are other Marvel projects in the works for the service. Is it because former Marvel TV overlord Jeph Loeb is stepping down, to be replaced by Kevin Feige, who has completely different tastes and ideas? It seems more likely, but if the press release is to be believed, ending at Season 3 was the staff’s own decision.

“According to an individual close to the series, the creative team felt that the third season provided a natural ending point for the show,” says Variety.

What’s most annoying about this is that actually, only TWO seasons will exist…the first season barely qualifies for the name, since the characters did not get around to running away until the final minute. The Runaways concept is full of potential — it’s about superpowered teens who discover their parents are supervillains and form their own team to take them down. The show softballed this premise, choosing to make the grown-ups only half-villainous and diluting the tension.

The comic deserved a better — and more faithful — adaption than this. Maybe Season 3 will be an improvement, but it would be a wasted effort now. Season 3 of Runaways premieres on Hulu December 13.