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Hulu’s Animaniacs Releases Season One Soundtrack


A big part of the appeal of the original Animaniacs series was the quality of its music, and we feel very grateful the crew behind the reboot hasn’t forgotten this. Like the original, the Hulu revival of Animaniacs is filled with songs — there’s at least one per episode, sometimes two, and each melody is scored by a full orchestra.

Now you can enjoy the music even when you’re not watching the series with the official release of the Animaniacs Season 1 Soundtrack Album. 18 tracks from the first 13 episodes are included: “Reboot It,” “The Catch-Up Song,” “The Cutening,” “A-Zit,” “Banana Hammock” and many others. You also get both halves of the Rap Battle (listed as two separate tracks) and the “Russian” version of the Animaniacs theme song from the episode Anima-Nyet.

To commemorate the release of the soundtrack, WaterTower Music sent us two exclusive sing-along videos, along with the note “This soundtrack comes on the heels of the announcement of 13 new seasons of Animaniacs coming to Hulu this Fall.” We’re pretty sure they mean episodes — 13 seasons would really be something, especially all at once.

To start off, here’s the fan favorite “Suffragette City” from episode 3. When Dot finds out cartoon characters aren’t legally allowed to vote, she rounds up every Looney Tune and Hanna-Barbera alumni she can find for a march on Washington.

Next here’s “Lakes Are Fun” from the Halloween episode. Dr. Brain’s Franken-creature hasn’t worked out the way that he hoped — instead of helping Brain take over the world, it’s wasting time frolicking with Pinky.

Notice how these are clean releases free of the sound effects and other noises that were in the final mix. Official soundtrack releases are a nice thing to have, when you can get them.

The Animaniacs Season 1 Soundtrack Album is available now at watertowermusic.com. Season 2 of the series premieres November 3 on Hulu.