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Hulk vs Broly Arrives For Death Battle Season Finale!

Hulk vs Broly Death Battle

Death Battle has arguably had their biggest season yet in 2020. They did 21 episodes in the year, their most ever, and they’ve had matches that have brought universes (and their fanbases) to their knees. But today, the season finale for Season 7 came and it was out to not just destroy everything, but make sure 2020 learned its less. Because in the ultimate fight of beings powered by anger, it was Hulk vs Broly.

This fight has been requested by fans for years, especially in light of Broly’s return in Dragon Ball Super’s movie that came out in 2018. Hulk is the epitome of rage-inducing power, and Broly is the “devil” that also has serious anger issues. So putting these two together wasn’t just natural, it was necessary. And Death Battle didn’t disappoint in this fight.

The animation that you’ll watch is actually done by the RWBY team, the hit anime-like show from Rooster of which Death Battle is a part of as well. It’s a 3D spectacle that isn’t afraid to go intense with the imagery and have fun showcasing the powers of these two universe-breakers.

You can watch the intense fight of Hulk vs Broly below! Just make sure to make your prediction before it ends…

But of course, you can’t discuss the season finale of Death Battle without talking about what comes next.

Season 8 is marking the 10 year anniversary of the popular internet show, and creator Ben Singer (who also does the voice of Wiz) promises that next season is going to be even bigger and better. They’re celebrating Death Battle by doing a variety of matchups from big fan-requested ones, to their personal desires to matchups that are just too cool not to do.

Death Battle Season 8 will arrive in March, be sure to check out the teaser at the end of Hulk/Broly to see what you can make out in terms of who might be in the fights!