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How to Watch Your Favorite Anime Shows on Vacation


It’s no secret – Japanese animation is leaps and bounds ahead of all animated entertainment. With such a variety of drawing styles, plot lines, genres and, not to forget, theme music, it has something for everyone, no matter your preference or mood, echoed with its increase in popularity. It’s not surprising it has some of the most hardcore fans, with some of the most dedicated fans dressing up, or cosplaying, as their favorite characters.

So, if you’re already a fan, or you’re starting to dip your toes into the world of anime, check out the tips below on how to watch your favorite anime shows on vacation.

Finding the Right Stream

You’ve decided you want to stream anime, but how and where? Something to consider is the quality and the speed it comes through. There is nothing worse than a slow buffering speed and then it turns out to be rubbish quality. However, something else to consider is whether it will even play in your country. You want to avoid spending all that time searching for a good streaming site to only be hit with “This title is not available in your country”.

It maybe that you need to consider a virtual private network, or a VPN for short. A top rated VPN is useful for a multitude of reasons, from keeping your browsing private, to hiding your geo location and accessing online streaming services. A VPN will bypass a website’s location service and will enable you to watch your chosen anime without the fear of it being available in your country. This will help you to access the best quality anime with the quickest speeds. VPNs are relatively easy to set up and, once done, you can simply turn them on and off whenever you need to use them.

You could also go back to trawling the internet to find a stream that will work in your country, but when a solution as simple as a VPN is available, why would you risk the fuzzy, low-quality anime?

Picking Your Next Favorite Anime

Now that you’ve picked the best streaming site for your anime, it’s time to choose your new favorite anime to binge watch. Picking which anime to watch can sometimes feel like the hardest task. There is just so much choice. Breaking it down into different genres really helps. Some of the most popular include shojo, shonen, action, fantasy and sport.

Shojo is typically aimed at young girls with a highly romanticized plot line, with some drama or comedy too. Shonen is the opposite, with a target audience of young boys. These both generally play into school settings and coming of age plot lines.

Action can be anything involving a fast-paced plotline, often including some violence from guns to swords, or even hand to hand combat.

Fantasy may well be one of the most popular genres, since almost all anime shows will have some aspect of fantasy to them. This could be from magical transformations, diving into computer games, magical death beings, or fighting with supernatural powers.

Sport is also quite popular with a wide variety to choose from. Like basketball? There’s an anime for that. Tennis? You bet there’s one for that too. Dancing, football, martial arts? Yes, yes and yes.

If you’re still stuck, just click on the “Most popular” tab and you will likely find something you will enjoy.

However, the choice doesn’t just involve which genre. Obviously, Japanese anime is very often spoken in, well, Japanese. Some of the most popular anime shows are “English dubbed”, meaning the anime has been voiced-over by an English speaker, making it easier to watch without having to read subtitles at the same time. An issue with this can be that the dubbed episodes aren’t caught up with the subtitled versions, which is particularly irritating if you are binge watching, or the last dubbed episode ended on a juicy ending. It’s at this point you start thinking maybe you should try learning Japanese.

Getting Prepared to Watch Your Anime

You’ve picked your anime, and you have a streaming site ready with it all loaded. Now you need to make sure you’re ready to go. Most anime programs will recommend watching in good lighting at a good distance away, and for health and well-being reasons, that is the best way to do it. But we all know that having it on your lap, in bed with headphones on is the crème-de-la-crème way of watching anime, especially after a long day sightseeing!

If you’re settling in for a marathon binge watching session, make sure you have enough snacks on hand. Whether you go for water and fruit (who does that?!), Mountain Dew, Cheetos and Pop Tarts, or perhaps try some matcha Kit-Kats and green tea for an authentic Japanese treat feel, having enough and close to hand really lends to the anime watching experience. But, as with anything, always make sure you take breaks to rest your eyes and stretch your legs.