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How To Play Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time And Space

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What’s got four legs, purrs and could be the focus of 2019’s greatest mobile JRPG? It’s Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time And Space, and there are multiple reasons to consider downloading it later this month.

Phone games come with certain expectations, chief among these is that the game is going to be terrible. The phone game market, after all, can’t support any price higher than “free” and thus every piece of software is forced to annoy the consumer with in-app purchase offers or advertising. While Another Eden is as free as the others, and has to support itself in a typical manner, this is the most optimistic we’ve felt about a phone RPG in quite some time.

For one thing, the pedigree of talent behind the game can’t be beat. Writer Masato Kato and composer Yasunori Mitsuda — both of whom contributed heavily to the legendary  Chrono Trigger — played a hand in Another Eden. The game borrows heavily from Chrono Trigger, from the time-traveling plot to the fact that one of the characters is a frog named Cyrus. But in this case, that’s fine with us, because it LOOKS…SO….GOOD.

This new video from WFS (the makers of the game) shows you how to tap your way to victory in Another Eden. They don’t reinvent the wheel here but it does the job:

  • Combat is turn-based. Defeat all enemies to win a battle. If all your front line members are defeated, you will lose the battle.
  • When using Another Force, the enemy won’t be able to move, and you will have unlimited MP until the gauge empties.
  • Characters have a chance to use combos or multi-attacks doing more damage.

Another Eden was also scored with a full orchestra, and contains a huge world with countless hours of content. We wish this was a console game too. Maybe if we beg…

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time And Space will be released for iOS and Android January 28. A pre-registration campaign is underway….if 150,000 users pre-register the game before its release date, WFS will throw in the four-star character “Miyu” free of charge.