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How Did RWBY Characters Make It Into Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle?


How did Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle get the four members of RWBY? What made it come about?

Crossovers in video games are nothing new. However, there are some crossovers that truly surprise people, especially when it happens in fighting games. When Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle was announced, it was already cool that Blazblue, Persona 4: Arena and Under Night-In-Birth was going to be in it. But, then Ruby Rose from the American anime RWBY showed up, and the entire game changed.

If you don’t know, RWBY is made by Rooster Teeth, and though it started out small in 2013, it’s now a massive phenomenon, and fans are already waiting for its sixth season. Still, you have to wonder, how did the four characters from the show make it into the game? Well, it turns out, one of the members of the dev team for the game was a big fan of RWBY creator Monty Oum. Producer Toshimichi Mori noted to GamerHubTV:

“As you may know, Monty has created various exciting videos in the past, and unfortunately he passed. But Mori-san was always a fan of RWBY and he enjoyed all the videos that Monty created, so he was hoping that there would be a chance to meet, but unfortunately that did not happen. Then there was an interview with Forbes where the question is, “Is there any specific character or IP that you really like or you are a fan of?’ And Mori-san answered, ‘RWBY’. And with that, it led to taking on this spirit of Monti … and that kind of started this whole discussion. And after meeting, Mori-san was really confident that he could have a really good partnership. They made a trip to Texas – Mori-san and the president – and they made a presentation about BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and asking, ‘Could we have RWBY?’ And the answer was, ‘Of course.’ So that’s how this happened.”