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Homer Simpson Helps Conan O’Brien Say Goodbye to TBS


On Conan O’Brien’s final show on TBS, O’Brien was given an animated exit interview by his former ’employer,’ Homer Simpson!  O’Brien was a former writer on The Simpsons in the early 90s right before he got his very first talk show on NBC as a replacement for David Letterman’s Late Night.

This is O’Brien’s second animated appearance as part of The Simpsons universe.  He first cameoed as himself on The Simpsons as himself in the episode “Bart Gets Famous.”  Ironically, O’Brien’s appearance was written in the episode before O’Brien got officially hired as a late show host on NBC.  Compare O’Brien on “Bart Gets Famous” from 1994 to his depiction now in 2021.

O’Brien will supposedly be back with some new incarnation of his show on HBO Max sometime in the near future though no official date has been given yet for its debut.  I hope O’Brien brings back his infamous Flaming C animated adventures.  Only a few clips of the original Flaming C adventures confiscated from Young Justice clips are online unfortunately.