Episode 411: Definite Possible Murder

Brendon Small - Brendon Small
Jason Penopolis/Coach Jon McGuirk/Raymond Burley - H. Jon Benjamin
Melissa Robbins - Melissa Bardin Galsky
Paula Small - Janine Ditullo
Josie Small - Loren Bouchard

Synopsis: A wheelchair bound Brendon becomes suspicious of his neighbor after he thinks he sees him commit a murder. McGuirk takes up bartending.

Lawn Gnomes:
· Room shot

Brendonís Filmography:
· "The Talking Horse" - Underdeveloped film about a girl who falls off a horse...literally. No real connection to the actual plot of the episode, though.

Random Observations & Facts:
· Signings on Brendon's card
Hi Brendon! Get Well! Love, Walter & Perry
Sorry about your leg from Paul
We miss you Brendon! from David
Get well Bren-Bren - Fenton
Get well soon Brendon! - Melissa [underneath the two Os in "soon" is a sad face]
Dear Brendon, Whats up idiot? Lone, Coach McGuirk P.S. I'm going to bartending school, so when your old enough come by my bar, buddy! Love,
Happy Birthday! - Jeremy
Come back soon Brendon ~ Allison :)
Hi Brendon, I hope your knee gets better. Angela
Hi Brendon, Get well! - Gina
· Chalkboard at bartending school:
Welcome to Bartending 101
R.O.B. [Rules Of Bartending]
#1) G.B.T.B. [Go Beyond The Book]
#2) A.F.A.
#3) B.B.L.Y.C.B.S.
#4) L.B.B.Y.I.T.C.
· McGuirk's drink book:
Sex on Ice
chilled vodka mixed with hunky chunky chocolate ice cream, an served in a frosted beer mug.

2 parts tequila, 2 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth,
2 glasses of red wine, bloody mary mix, and 3 olives as garnish.
serve cold then heat in microwave for 30 seconds

1 part vodka, 1 pa[blocked out by McGuirk's finger]
1 part passoa, 1 [blocked]ce.
McGuirk's own creations:
Yeast Infection: Rum and milk.
Dirty Frenchmen: Wine with olive juice.
· This episode really didn't have many side jokes or facts or stuff. =(

Past Episode References:
· "Jason's Theme" from Episode 207 - "Dad" is played in the supermarket.

Movie & Other References:
· This whole episode is a parody of the Hitchcock classic "Rear Window".
· The neighbor's name is Raymond Burley. The actor who played the murdered in the original Rear Window film was named Raymond Burr.

End Credits: HM Theme

GMB: OW. That one stung.

Part of me thinks the world would be a better place if people quit trying to do "Rear Window" parodies, especially when they end up this bad. Episode was all over the place, with nary a funny moment to be found. None of the jokes in the "Rear Window" parody worked and everyone except McGuirk was just going through the motions.

The only thing that saved this episode was McGuirk's adventures in mixology. This one wasn't as aggressively awful as "Honkey Magoo" but it wasn't anything special either.

I hate to sound mean, but yeah, it's Home Movies' time to go. D

KTF: ANOTHER hilarious episode! Just seeing Brendon walk around in the bottom half of his horse costume made me laugh. Jason was on target a lot this episode. Mcguirk's subplot was great. The comic timing was great. Just...great!

Maybe the Rear Window homage wasn't as inspired as it could have been and it seemed like they ended it a bit quickly, but it was still hilarious.

These last few episodes are making me wish they didn't cancel the series after all.
Blue Wolf: It wasn't horrible, John was very funny with what ever screen time and subplot he had. And honestly with the exception of Brendon all the characters were pretty funny. It was just the main story never got past the standard Rear Window parody which has become an animation parody staple with Frankenstein and Romeo and Juliet. At point the series actually felt like a parody of parodies of Rear Window, however this quickly fell apart and it was just the standard plot which took up too much of the episode. They should of followed The Simpson's lead and use the parody while maintaing a strong second story so the episode doesn't feel like it's going through the proper procedures.

I think a saving grace for this episode would of been if they suprised on us and made him a real killer.


Delthayre: "Definite Possible Murder" struck me as a promising sign that Home Movies will give us a satisfying death spiral. The character interactions were great for laughs and they didn't get preoccupied with the Rear Window parody. It was nice to see the kids dominate the comedy again, although McGuirk's bartending sideline was plenty funny. I would have liked to see more with the teacher, but I'm happy with what I got. The ending was bizarre and trapped me in laughter. It's always nice to see a pompous windbag break down.

I'll be mean and hold it to the old Home Movies standard, which makes this episode about par. *** out of *****

Fone Bone: I was laughing throughout the whole thing but the capper with the ventiloquist's dummy was even funnier. Brendan seemed a little... insane this episode with the circles under his eyes and everthing. I would have signed his get well card right away. And him and Jason wrapping themselves around the guy's legs was priceless. "We're kids!" Man, everyone seems to hate this episode but Home Movies is like the only show I can think of where all the characters are likable. (Well maybe not the Raymond guy. And I warmed to him once he stuck his arm up that puppet's back.) I'm so sad there's only two new episodes left. Hopefully Cartoon Network will show the reruns sometime because there are a lot of episodes I missed. Score: ****.

The Landstander: I don't quite like this one overall but it has its moments.

Namely, the problem is that Rear Window parodies play out in an obvious fashion, and there really wasn't much here beyond that. Everything is kind of running through the motions; Brendon is paranoid, thinks he sees something, sends in Melissa, and (since this is a TV show) of course the guy didn't actually do it. "Those Bitches" did Hitchcock better because it had its own energy; everything here felt a bit already done. Oh, and judging by the commentaries, H. Jon Benjamin's "puppet" voice was hilarious in the booth, but...I don't think it quite translated.

McGuirk's plot was a bit lame, I can't recall anything too funny with it. It seemed most of the gags went on a bit too long there, from McGuirk mixing drinks to trying to convince Raymond that its a Sex on the Beach and not a beer.

But, at the same time, I found enough random moments and side comments funny that I can't put it as bad. McGuirk signing Brendon's card, the running wee-ow joke...even just the usual back and forths between characters worked, namely when there wasn't a big punchline to be going for. Not one of their best by far, but something about this drags it above the lowest rung on the ladder. A Good Episode