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Home Of My Memories: A New Crowdfunded Animated Short


Ana Portillo & Javier Méndez of El Paso, Texas have worked on several projects together — Javier on the creative end and Ana handling the financial side. Now they’re putting together their first computer-animated short, “Home Of My Memories.”

“Home” is described as “about a grandfather, who teaches his grandson to build a little model house. These teachings end up having an unimaginable transcendence in the child’s life.” The short is five minutes long and explores how the influences we grow up with shape our identities as adults.

Four years in the making, “Home Of My Memories” needs your funding to finish up production and make a proper release possible. If fully funded, “Home” will be released on both digital and DVD formats — and the most generous contributors will get a scale model of the model house seen in the short.

Learn more about “Home Of My Memories” and how to contribute on the Kickstarter page. You can also watch the short being scored by a live violin orchestra….