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Holy Dodrio! Pokken Tournament Coming To Wii U!

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Last year it was revealed Nintendo and Namco were teaming up to create a Poke-fied version of the Tekken series entitled Pokken Tournament. The fighter was originally announced to be an arcade exclusive, which let a lot of people down, but they perked back up after the restaurant chain Dave and Busters expressed interest in testing out the machine in the States.

Well, hold on and save your quarters. Nintendo and Namco had their own plans to release Pokken Tournament elsewhere, and said plans were revealed this morning. Pokken Tournament will be ported to the Wii U and released worldwide in the spring of 2016!

Developed in collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., producers of TEKKEN®, one of the most successful fighting-game franchises in history, Pokkén Tournament brings Pokémon to life in a way never before seen, where Pokémon in battle move in direct response to the player’s actions. The intuitive controls make this fighting game accessible to players of all skill levels, and the stunning visuals emphasise the size and power of each Pokémon.

J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company International, said this in a statement: “Pokkén Tournament combines the best elements of a traditional fighting game with an authentic Pokémon experience. Fans will be thrilled to see their favourite Pokémon battle in a whole new way.”

The announcement is still early and there is no mention yet of how the home version of Pokken Tournament will differ from the arcade version, whether there will be extra modes or an online play option (in 2016 there better be one). Look for more information about Pokken Tournament in the months to come.