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Highlights From Conan’s Comic-Con Coverage: Day One


Team Coco has provided us with a list of the highlights from Conan’s broadcast from Comic-Con, in case you missed it. These clips essentially make up the entire show, so if you really did miss it, have an hour handy.

Not all the clips have been made available in an embeddable format. Use the links to teamcoco.com to view most of them.

Jennifer Lawrence Sings Cher’s “Believe”


CONAN Highlight: Jennifer is known to break out in song, and she shows off Cher’s 90s classic.

CONAN Monologue 07/09/15 – live 5:30am ET


In a special Comic-Con® monologue, Conan jokes about “The Hunger Games,” “The Walking Dead,” and more…

Anime Conan & Andy – live 5:30am ET


Conan and Andy take the transformation with wide open eyes arms. (This is creepy.)

Conan’s Origin Story – live 5:30am ET


How did Conan become the greatest talk show host ever? They are many rumors but only one true tale of Conan’s beginning.

Andy’s Not Himself When He’s Hungry


Comic-Con® is tiring Andy out. Sounds like he needs a Snickers! (The event really was sponsored by Snickers, so this is a real plug.)

EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: “Batman V. Superman”


The Caped Crusader does battle with the Man of Steel in the greatest arena of all.

Chris Parnell’s Comic-Con® Signing Panel


Chris is autographing copies of his new book “Love Hammer,” and it’s downright distracting.

The Cast Of “The Hunger Games” On Fan Encounters

Whether it’s a mob of crazed Italians or Team Gale members, “The Hunger Games” has some dedicated fans.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Potty Mouth


Conan breaks out a swear jar to use Jennifer’s passion for profanity as a force for good. (I really wish this one was embeddable.)

Jennifer Lawrence Is Ready For A “Hunger Games” Threesome


Jennifer gives a preview of “Mockingjay Part 2”. Get ready for some hot Panem action!

Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson’s “Hunger Games” Sequel Spoiler


Jennifer isn’t sure if they’ll ever return to Panem, but Josh might have blurted out some secret plans.

Episode I: The Flaming C Returns – live 5:30am ET


Conan’s Bruce Timm-created superhero is back, just in time for Comic-Con®. (It’s an animatic with color added, but it’s still impressive they got WB Animation to do this. Must-watch.)