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Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding Emerges November 8

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What does Hideo Kojima’s new nine-minute trailer for Death Stranding reveal? Is this the trailer that finally explains what’s going on in this game? Ha ha, no. We’re assuming that the story still won’t make sense even after we’ve played the game itself. But we now have a closer idea of the general theme and outline, thanks to not just this trailer but the official description:

People have created “Walls” and become accustomed to living in isolation.

“Death Stranding” is a completely new type of action game, where the goal of the player is to reconnect isolated cities and a fragmented society. It is created so that all elements, including the story and gameplay, are bound together by the theme of the “Strand” or connection. As Sam Porter Bridges, you will attempt to bridge the divides in society, and in doing create new bonds or “Strands” with other players around the globe. Through your experience playing the game, I hope you’ll come to understand the true importance of forging connections with others.

That’s nice, but it doesn’t answer the biggest question: what is the baby for? Our best hint is in the trailer. Turns out there are these dangerous woods with ghosts in them, and the only way to see the ghosts is to carry around a baby in a jar connected to an electrical device on your back. Also, the baby MIGHT be a robot.

The most important factor is if the gameplay is good, and the player segments we saw here looked intriguing, even if the story leaves us lost. With this trailer, Kojima solidified a release date for Death Stranding: November 8, 2019. It’ll be here in just six months!

death stranding

The Death Stranding Collector’s Edition will release alongside the standard version and will include a Steelbook case, a keychain, exclusive in-game items and a replica of Sam’s baby pod. If you don’t need a physical item to creep out your houseguests, there will also be a Digital Deluxe Edition that contains all the in-game bonuses but none of the physical ones.