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Hide Your Snacks — Scoob! Is Coming Next Summer


We’re finally getting the Scooby-Doo movie we should have gotten 17 years ago, when WB released a self-mocking live-action take as the Great Dane’s first big-screen debut. Cut from a PG-13 take down to a PG, it was never clear what audience it was for.

But here comes Scoob!, an honest animated movie with the characters as they’re supposed to be, though some may take issue with the voices. They’re all celebrities this time…Will Forte does a pretty spotless job as Shaggy, but Amanda Seyfried sounds a bit off as Daphne, and Gina Rodriguez doesn’t sound like Velma at all. Zac Efron rounds out the team as Fred, and fortunately, Scooby Doo retains the voice of Frank Welker.

This new teaser trailer suggests Scoob! is one of those “origin” movies…viewers may be reminded of Solo when they see a scene “explaining” the dog’s name, as well as how a brand of dog biscuits could share that name (Frank Sinatra apparently doesn’t exist in this universe). No one questions how or why Scooby can talk; that’s just one of those things.

You’ll see more than just the Scooby Gang in this movie…Blue Falcon is mentioned, and he does indeed appear, with the pipes of Mark Wahlberg. Ken Jeong backs him up as Dynomutt, Tracy Morgan will be screaming as Captain Caveman, and they’ll all have to watch out for Jason Isaacs as Dick Dastardly (no word on who Muttley is yet).

Scoob! comes to theaters in the summer of 2020.