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Here’s The Toy Story 4 “Big Game Ad”

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What is Toy Story 4’s reason for being? What hairy situation has Buzz Lightyear gotten himself zip-tied into now?

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, Disney promised us the first real footage from Toy Story 4 would be revealed at some point during the Big Game. This did not actually happen….despite what some are claiming, a Toy Story 4 ad never appeared. Instead the trailer silently made an appearance online after the game was over.

My theory is that it was swapped out for a Captain Marvel ad at the last minute (due to Toy Story 4’s mention during the sponsorship screen after that trailer showed up)…but however it happened, or didn’t happen, it’s here now. Let’s have a watch!

Nothing truly radical is revealed here. The newest element is the appearance of Bo Peep who was already shown off in a small animated clip last week. We also knew the toys would be stopping by a carnival at some point because that setting was in the teaser…as was Key and Peele as bantering carnival toys. Buzz winds up on the wall and they give him a pounding.

It’s a relatively light and minor scene, and it probably doesn’t relate to the larger conflict. We get the feeling Disney is holding its cards close to the chest in regards to the actual plot….which is smart. Toy Story 4 premieres in theaters June 21.