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Here’s How The Flash Arrives On “Supergirl”


A few weeks ago it was announced that Barry Allen of The CW’s The Flash would be hopping networks for one hour and guest-starring on CBS’s Supergirl. At the time no one knew why or how. Now TV.com reports that Barry will arrive in Supergirl’s neck of the woods via….complete accident, basically.

It turns out Barry was going super-fast one afternoon and wound up inadvertently warping himself to another dimension. Sorry to disappoint you all, but it looks like The Flash and Supergirl have been confirmed to take place in two separate realities. Once Barry’s there, it’s a good thing he is, because two of Kara’s villains have teamed up against her and she could use the extra help.

One baddie, the Silver Banshee, will make his debut in the episode, but it’ll also feature the return of Supergirl’s version of Livewire. TheĀ  best thing revealed so far may be the promotional poster, which is a homage to one of Superman’s most famous classic issues, #199 (where he raced The Flash to see who was faster). The plot synopsis for the episode does not say if we’re getting a similar race in the episode, even if the poster suggests it.


The Flash/Supergirl crossover airs March 28th on CBS.