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Here’s What The Cast Of Netflix’s Death Note Looks Like

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For some time now, Netflix has had a live-action adaption of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata‘s Death Note in the works. Like Light himself, it’s almost ready to unleash itself upon an unsuspecting world, and Netflix has revealed character posters for all the key players in the movie.

First off is Nat Wolff as Light Yagami, who finds himself in possession of the titular supernatural item — a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written inside it. Light takes it upon himself to singlehandedly rid the world of crime and corruption, but becomes corrupt himself in the process. Or perhaps he was always corrupt….

Willem Dafoe is perfectly cast as Ryuk, the Shinigami who originally owned the Death Note. He doesn’t take it back, finding Light’s actions with the item amusing, and instead just hangs around.

The police hire L, a brilliant detective, to track down and stop whoever is behind the rash of recent killings. The cat-and-mouse game between Light and L is the highlight of Death Note.

And finally there’s Mia, a new character described as “the high school girlfriend of Light, who embarks on a crusade alongside him to rid the world of evil.” My guess is that she’s a replacement for screechy starlet Misa Amane, who has Shinigami powers of her own and a psychotic obsession with Light. The time to decide whether or not you like the Death Note anime is after you meet Misa — if you can put up with her, you’re a true fan.

From her downcast appearance here, she appears less overbearing than Misa was…but did she also make the same deal with a Shinigami that Misa did? That question may not be answered until the movie comes out.

Netflix’s Death Note premieres August 25. Until then, take a potato chip and eat it.