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Here’s Another Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Trailer

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Three weeks ago we were given our first good look at Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, the ten-part animated epic coming soon to Netflix. It’s now been followed up with a longer trailer that explains more of the plot in this miniseries.

You might have been wondering what the revelation hinted in the title is. This trailer drops quite a large one and if that’s not it, we wonder what is: Eternia is the first planet in the history of the universe, and the source of all magic. This fact causes the title “Masters of the Universe” to make a little more sense.

And Eternia used to look a lot better than the craggy monster-filled wasteland we’re familiar with, but as time went on and guys like Skeletor started poisoning the mystical well, the magic stared disappearing. Now Eternia is in danger of perishing entirely and if it goes, the universe will die with it. Only He-Man can save us all!

Geek-for-a-living Kevin Smith is behind this production, and even though it looks wildly different from the 1983 original, there’s a reason: Smith says the intent is not to recreate how the old Filmation series actually looked, but how it looked in the minds of children like him back in the day.

If the effects look familiar, it’s because the same animation studio that handled the Castlevania anime (Powerhouse) made this one too. And the voices are as top-quality as the animation: Chris Wood is He-Man, Mark Hamill is Skeletor, Lena Headey is Evil-Lyn, Srah Michelle Gellar is Teela, Liam Cunningham is Man-At-Arms, Stephen Root is Cringer / Battle Cat, Henry Rollins is Tri-Clops, Phil LaMarr is He-Ro, Kevin Michael Richardson is Beast Man, Kevin Conroy is Mer-Man, and most importantly, Jason Mewes is Stinkor.

The first five episodes of Masters Of The Universe: Revelation will premiere July 23 on Netflix, followed by the other five later this year.