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Here’s A Scene From The First Owl House Special

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In a just world, Dana Terrace’s The Owl House would be about to premiere a full season of 20-ish full episodes, but that’s not what’s happening. The series has been fast-tracked into cancellation with three one-hour (counting ad breaks) specials designed to wrap up the storyline as quickly as possible. I guess we should be grateful we were given this much.

To recap the situation as it was left in the Season 2 finale: Luz and her magical friends managed to re-open the door back to the Human Realm, but are now trapped there. Back in the land of the Boiling Isles, Eda, King and all the others are now at the mercy of a new villain, the crazed Collector, more powerful than the dictator they just got rid of. The situation seems dire, but there are plenty of weird human devices around to take everybody’s minds off of it….

You know, Disney, it’s not too late to reverse the decision. Even if the animated offerings of the Disney Channel are going all-in on silly comedy from this point, even if the Boiling Isles doesn’t fit the Disney “brand” (we don’t buy that excuse, we think certain elements just made one prudish backward executive with too much power uncomfortable, cough)…this is the show that the suits in twenty years will remember the most fondly from their own childhoods and will be building weak live-action knockoffs out of. Show some damn foresight.

The Owl House could be a valuable IP, but I guess Disney has too many of those as it is and can afford to let one rot. At least they’re not crazy enough to write the series off their taxes and leave it for the pirates.

If you want more Owl House beyond what Disney is willing to give you, I strongly suggest following cartoonist Mark Mak on the socials. This man has been creating one multi-page Owl House comic every day for the last YEAR and he’s darn good at it. They’re not “official” comics but they’re close enough — I’d hire him for real if I were in charge. As for the special, it airs on The Disney Channel October 15.