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Here’s A Large, Fluffy Turning Red Trailer From Pixar

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When Encanto opens in theaters next week, you will more than likely see this trailer before it…for Pixar’s Turning Red, which comes out next March.

Mei Lee (voiced by Rosalie Chiang) is a Canadian adolescent girl who greets life with enthusiasm. She aces her tests, she kills it in band practice, she leaps to high-five others in the school hallway. She doesn’t really seem to have any problems, until the fateful night when….the change happens.

Seems Mei’s mother Ming (Sandra Oh) never told her about her family’s….quirk. “Our ancestors had a mystical connection with red pandas,” she explains. What that basically means is that from this point onward, Mei is going to TURN INTO ONE when she gets upset. Also, in “normal mode” her hair is now permanently orange.

For Mei, this is horrifying. But her friends don’t really see what the problem is. After all, it’s not like Mei is becoming a hideous monster here. Everyone loves red pandas! She could become a celebrity with her power, or run for Prime Minster and probably win. There’s no convincing Mei, though. If you ask her, it’s the worst thing ever!

It’s never made explicit in the trailer, but Turning Red takes place in the year 2002. Thankfully they don’t go overboard with the period references. The only out-of-time object that can be glimpsed is the Tamagotchi on Mei’s backpack (which is more of a 90s thing than a 2000s thing). And yeah, the girls obsess over a boy band, but so did Mabel, and Gravity Falls was supposed to take place “now.”

Turning Red will be directed by Domee Shi, previously responsible for the short film Bao. It will be the first Pixar film in two years to be released in the theaters! We would have loved to see Soul or Luca on the big screen, and they deserved that treatment. Maybe someday. Turning Red will be released March 11.