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Here It Goes: The Frozen 2-railer

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Where has Frozen 2 been for its whole development cycle? This trailer missed the holiday season. It missed the Super Bowl. Why would the sequel to such a lucrative film be neglected in favor of things like a blue CGI Will Smith?

But now, after practically every other 2019 Disney film has already gotten a turn, here it finally is — a sneak peek at Frozen 2 that ISN’T Wreck-It Ralph performing a Rick Astley dance.

The trailer offers zip in terms of explaining the plot, or revealing what the new inescapable song will be. What it does offer, though, is a pretty cool sequence in its entirety: Elsa utilizing her ice powers to run across the ocean. We have no idea why she needs to do it, but we don’t care….it’s just badass. Also, Kristoff rides with a bunch of moose.

What about all the little girls who lived, breathed and ate Elsa just a few short years ago? How will they greet the news of Frozen 2? The fake “ET 2” movie from Freakazoid comes to mind:

ET: I’m baaaaaaack, Elliot….
Elliot: And I’m grown up. Go away.

Frozen 2 is being directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, and Peter Del Vecho is serving as producer. The same voice cast is back, and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, creators of “Let It Go,” have returned to create new melodies. Frozen 2 will drift into theaters November 22.