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Heather North, Voice of Daphne, Dies At 71

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Heather North, the actress who lent her voice to Scooby Doo’s Daphne Blake for over thirty years, has passed away at the age of 71.

North’s career mostly consisted of fluffy family roles — she made guest appearances on shows like My Three Sons, Gidget, and The Monkees, and she co-starred in Disney’s The Barefoot Executive alongside Kurt Russell. Her most famous role, however, didn’t involve getting behind the camera.

Though North wasn’t the original Daphne, she joined the cartoon early (during its second season) and remained attached to the character from 1970 until 2003. Her last appearance as Daphne was in the direct to video movie Scooby-Doo And The Monster Of Mexico, upon which she retired from acting.

North is survived by her son and several stepdaughters and grandchildren. Her passing was on November 30, but her death was not disclosed to the press until today. Nor was the exact cause; her illness remains a mystery, gang.

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