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HBO Max To Release The Snyder Cut In 2021

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You want it, you got it. Warner Bros. announced today they are, at last, caving to demand and calling in Zack Snyder, the original director of Justice League, to assemble the “Snyder Cut”…..the version of the film that he would have made, had he stayed with the project to the end.

If you’ve been on the Internet anytime within the last two years, “The Snyder Cut” needs no explanation, but for the sake of article structure, a description is coming anyway: one of the few things DC fanboys can agree on is that the Justice League movie sucks, but they’re still divided as to why. Midway through production of the film, original director Zack Snyder had to abandon his position due to a family tragedy. Joss Whedon took his place and finished filming.

The resulting movie is a gumbo of two different directing styles, and a belief started gaining traction that Whedon wound up making the film worse and that Snyder’s original version had to be superior. (This despite the fact that, up to that point, Snyder was frequently the whipping boy for whenever a DC movie displeased its fanbase. Fans are fickle like that.)

WB has been aware of some time for the demand to release the Snyder Cut, and so has Snyder, who hasn’t been able to resist teasing it repeatedly over the years. There have been social media campaigns and crowdsourced billboards, and joshing references on DC cartoons. The response from those on the opposite side of the argument has always been, “You’ll never get your Snyder Cut, because the cost of re-editing and adding new special effects would simply be too much to recover. The film’s already out.”

Looks like WB has figured out a way to do it. They have a new streaming service that needs eyeballs, and an endless funnel of investors with liquid cash to fund content. What would guarantee more attention for HBO Max than the Snyder Cut? It’s happening at last….but slowly.

WB is still deciding which direction to go with this. It will either be released in six chapters, or dumped as a nearly four-hour megacut. This being a streaming service attraction, we would bet on the “drip-feed” approach being what they go with, but we’ll see.

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