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HBO Max to Absorb DC Universe

DC Universe

Via an interview with DC’s Jim Lee with The Hollywood Reporter, DC’s short lived streaming service, DC Universe, is saying bye-bye for now with all of its original programming content being transferred to HBO Max, which Lee says is probably the best place to showcase the shows, so fret not Young JusticeTeen Titans, and Harley Quinn fans.  CW shows will also be streaming on HBO Max as well.  It looks like WarnerMedia is trying to make a nice conglomerate streaming service along the lines of Disney+.  If things continue, maybe other WarnerMedia streaming services will all be lumped together one day?  Are you next Boomerang?

As for all the online DC comics archive housed by DC Universe, Lee says to watch out for an announcement soon about how they will deal with that which he says is sure to please fans who want to read every DC comic ever published.