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HBO Max Releases Trailer For Ten Year Old Tom

ten year old tom

A few months ago, HBO Max released a list of upcoming animated shows in development, and one of them was simply called “Ten Year Old Tom” with no indication of what it was or what it looked like. Now we at last have a trailer, and it only took until….(looks at watch) TEN DAYS before the series premiere! What are they trying to hide?

You be the judge. Here are ninety seconds’ worth of Ten Year Old Tom:

Those of you who don’t recognize this art style might be thinking, “What kind of lousy animation is THIS? My five-year-old cousin could do better than that.” You must not be familiar with Steve Dildarian, who previously created The Life And Times Of Tim for HBO. It had a similar look and feel to Ten Year Old Tom.

The Tom of the title is a fairly innocent young boy who’s just trying to figure out this world he’s been born into, and finding it very difficult, as every adult influence he has in his life is morally corrupt to some degree. From his mother to his bus driver to the school faculty, everyone has advice for Tom and all of it is bad.

“I wanted to write a show about a kid who’s trying to make sense of the world around him, but to do it in a way that doesn’t pull punches,” says Dildarian. “HBO Max is the perfect home for a show like that, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

Dildarian provides the voice of Tom and is surrounded by serious talent: Gillian Jacobs, John Malkovich, Edi Patterson, Byron Bowers, and Todd Glass are listed in the main cast, and Natasha Lyonne, Tim Robinson, George Wallace, David Duchovny, Jennifer Coolidge, and Mark Proksch are listed as guest stars. Nick Weidenfeld (The Boondocks, Rick & Morty) is executive producer.

We’ll find out soon if the series has writing worthy of that cast. Ten Year Old Tom premieres on HBO Max September 30.