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HBO Max Losing Crunchyroll Backing Next Year


At one time, a channel on television having a bunch of anime wasn’t the biggest deal around. That’s why kids and teens and young adults had to either go to programming blocks like Toonami to get their anime fix, or, learn to enjoy subtitles after being the Japanese versions of the anime shows and movies. But now, having anime is downright essential for a streaming service as that almost ensures people are going to check out what they have. That’s why HBO Max teamed up with Crunchyroll when they launched their service a while back.

And while HBO Max doesn’t have the most robust library of anime titles, they do have a bunch of Studio Ghibli films, and several key animes including Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. But now, the relationship with Crunchyroll is going to be taking a turn. Because if you recall, the anime platform was recently bought out by Sony (making it a huge move by the publisher) and since Max is owned by Warner Bros, the competition isn’t going to want the two brands associating.

Based on this tweet, it appears as though fans will have to search a little harder for their anime on Max, but for the time being at least, they’ll still have access to it. However, the true merger for Crunchyroll and Sony happens next summer, so that could obviously change should things shift around.

Should this be the case, you can expect Max to try and “fill the void” with other anime, or just try and make their own anime like they’ve done with other original programming that they have. But no doubt losing this team-up will hurt them in the long run because as noted, anime is a big deal right now, and losing out on a huge library of titles is not something that can just be brushed off.