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Harvey Birdman Returns In October 14 Special

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This fall, before you head to the polls, why not check up with your old friend Harvey Birdman in Washington DC? You might be asking….how is that possible if he’s been cancelled for eleven years? Because you can’t keep the world’s greatest lawyer down forever.

This October, Birdman returns in a new half-hour special. In 2018 he’s still working as a lawyer, but his former boss Phil Ken Sebben has been elected President of the United States — and he wants out of the job. He wants out so badly that he’s hiring Birdman to come up with reason to impeach him. And he’s crazy enough to make an offer Birdman can’t refuse…see clip:

Not only does the special retain the look of the cartoon (with higher resolutions), but the entire cast has returned: Gary Cole as Birdman, Stephen Colbert as Sebben, John Michael Higgins as Mentok The Mindtaker, Paget Brewster as Birdgirl, Chris Edgerly as Peter Potamus, Phil LaMarr as Black Vulcan and Peter MacNicol as X The Eliminator.

Make sure you get this thing they’re sending you. The still-untitled Harvey Birdman special airs October 14 on Adult Swim.