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Harley Quinn’s Kite Man Getting His Own Spinoff Series

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We’re still looking at our watches waiting for Warner Bros to say anything about Harley Quinn Season 3. Supposedly the new season is due out this year, but you’d hardly know it — there’s been nothing beyond the stale trailer that premiered at FanDome last October, which was all animatic footage. Not even a screenshot beyond the one drawing that was sent out:

But even though details are still light, we’re already hearing about something else in the works: a spinoff of the series, focused around Poison Ivy’s ex Kite-Man. KM has no powers to speak of — the only thing he’s capable of doing is flying through the air on the gigantic kite strapped to his back. He’s treated as a joke even within the loony world of Harley’s TV show, but he’ll be getting a chance to prove his worth soon.

The spinoff has no finalized title, but for now is called “Noonan’s” after the bar that Harley, Ivy and other DC villains visit to drink and unwind. Kite Man has wound up with ownership of the bar. “He tries to run the bar by himself but it doesn’t turn out so easy,” says Patrick Schumacker, co-showrunner of Harley Quinn and the spinoff. “We have Harley and Ivy appear in the first episode, but after that we have different goons and villains appearing every episode like Lex Luthor and Bane. It will be kind of like ‘Cheers’ for supervillains.”

While he was talking, Schumacker let ONE detail slip about the upcoming Season 3: James Gunn will guest-star in an episode as himself, directing a movie about the life of Thomas Wayne. Gunn, as you know, just made a hit movie using characters that also appear in this cartoon. Don’t assume they’ll go easy on him for that reason, though — he’ll most likely get his head bitten off by King Shark in the same scene.

As for the future of Harley Quinn, this means one of two things: (A) a Season Four is guaranteed because the show is doing so well for HBO Max that they’re producing spinoffs, or (B) there will be no Season Four and this is actually HBO Max’s way of continuing the story. We’ll find out!