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Harley Quinn vs Jinx Kicks Off Death Battle Season 9

Harley Quinn vs Jinx

Death Battle in 2021 decided to do one of its more “unique” seasons in reference to how it was celebrating 10 years of life. Now, Death Battle Season 9 has come, and they’re promising to bring in new franchises, more unique fights, and enough chaos to satisfy any fan. And to prove that, they’re starting off their seasons with a true heaping helping of laughter, explosions, and very disturbed women. It’s Harley Quinn vs Jinx.

This matchup is one that is very easy to see why it’s happening. After all, they’re both “crazy” women who have had their skin bleached through various means (vats of acid and chemical injections), they both love to create chaos, have an affinity for wacky weapons, and so on.

They’re both anti-heroes in their own right and yet have grown beyond just being “crazy” in their own ways. The 3D fight that you’ll see truly shows off their personalities while also paying tribute to both their own histories, and to Death Battle in general if you pay close attention.

Check out the full episode of Harley Quinn vs Jinx below!

And then…for the next matchup, we have something truly…magical.

Because in the teaser for Death Battle Season 9, they teased that Scarlet Witch from Marvel Comics, and everyone wondered if she would be facing Zatanna from DC Comics. And sure enough, that’s what’s going to happen in two weeks.

This match is just about truly magical women, but about their abilities and personalities. Scarlet Witch is easily one of the biggest threats/heroes in all of Marvel, but Zatanna has become over the years one of the best spell-casters in all of DC Comics. Both have taken on threats of cosmic and even reality-warping natures, so when these two clash, it’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top.