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Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Window Given By Showrunner

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If 2020 was good for one thing, it was for showing that the power of fans cannot be denied, and that went especially for the DC universe as multiple things happened solely because of the fans. Such as the birth of DC Fandome which was a HUGE success and dedicated to the DC Comics fans all over the world. There was also the reveal that The Snyder Cut would indeed be made (and is coming out next week!), and, of course, there was the movement to get Harley Quinn Season 3 made.

The Harley Quinn animated series was a daring thing that was done for the now defunct DC Universe streaming service. It featured a very M-rated take on both Harley Quinn and the Batman universe, and while that might have thrown people for a loop…they loved it. Especially since seasons 1 & 2 basically arrived one on top of the other. But when Season 2 ended, Warner Bros wasn’t saying there was going to be a season 3 even though the show was massively popular and the showrunners clearly had plans for it. The fans rallied and begged them to put it on their new service HBO Max, and finally, they announced they would do just that.

So now, the wait is on for Harley Quinn Season 3 to arrive. But when will that be? Co-Showrunner Justin Halpern noted the following on the “Master of None” podcast:

“I think it’ll probably come out either the very end of this year or the beginning of [2022],” Halpern shared, “just because animation takes so long.”

It’s true it might take longer, but the fans know it’ll be worth the wait and the show has been teasing a lot in the meantime. Including the recording of the voice lines, teases of new characters that’ll be in Harley Quinn Season 3, and of course, what to expect from the relationship/marriage of Harley and Poison Ivy.