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Harley Quinn Might’ve Appeared On Arrow, But Now That Can Never Be


According to Willa Holland, who plays Oliver Queen’s sister Thea on the CW’s Arrow, the show originally had an entire storyline planned to revolve around Harley Quinn, but now with her usage as the central character of WB’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie, she is forbidden from appearing on TV for the next few years.

“We had big plans for Harley. But, I guess something came down from DC execs that told us to shut it down,” Holland said at MCM Expo, which was reported by Flickering Myth. “Pertaining to all the movies that are being made and stuff like that in the comic book world, it’s also taken a side away from the TV shows… We were going really heavily into that for a minute. And then, something must have come down from DC or some higher-up above that said “No, you must cease and desist because we’re going to make it into a movie and we can’t have anyone spoil that idea.”

In fact, due to the movie, the entire Suicide Squad as a concept is now forbidden. What backs up Holland’s claim is that Season 2 of Arrow contained a small teaser relating to the Suicide Squad and even a glimpse of Harley, but only from the back (she was played by an extra and dubbed by Tara Strong). Said Holland, “We did get to see that little pigtail and the ARGUS uniform and the little treat of Harley Quinn, and it just got ripped away. So if we could actually have Harley Quinn on the show, that would be amazing. But it’s never going to happen.”

Longtime fans of the DC animated universe know this phenomenon as the “Bat-Embargo” and it’s happened before. Justice League Unlimited was notoriously forbidden from using any characters in Batman’s rogue’s gallery due to movie plans. This is also why we get a “Batman” show revolving around Jim Gordon and Supergirl on CBS instead of Superman.

WB has previously established that its television and movie versions of its DC properties are intended as separate worlds. Maybe they could establish that a little louder, so everyone can hear?