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Halo Infinite Was Almost In Multiple Parts?

Halo Infinite

To say that it’s been a hard couple of months for Halo Infinite as a whole would be an understatement. The game is easily one of the most hyped titles for the upcoming Xbox Series X, and aims to help show off the beautiful graphics and processing power that the console has. However, after a demo of the game was shown at an Xbox event, gamers were decidedly…unimpressed. But the worst was yet to come as the game has now been delayed to 2021, further casting doubt on the successful launch of the Xbox Series X.

Phil Spencer was asked about this on the podcast Animal Talking, and he noted something rather interesting about the game and what ALMOST happened to it. He noted int he talk about Halo Infinite that it was a “bummer” that it had to be delayed, but that Microsoft as well as 343 Industries suggested that the game come out in multiple parts. Thus it wouldn’t have to be fully delayed.

Which obviously would’ve been not just a bold choice, but one that would break tradition in terms of delivering complete Halo games at launch. Which is where Phil Spencer drew the line. He knew that the fans had an expectation, and to break that just to get part of a game released wouldn’t be worth it.

Now obviously, not everyone in gaming had that same notion, as infamously (to some) Final Fantasy VII Remake wasn’t a full remake, but an expansion of the first 5 hours of the original game, with part 2 of the title coming…sometime down the line…and being another section of the game. Clearly the Halo team didn’t want that for them and their franchise.

So thus, fans will have to wait for Halo Infinite to arrive in its entirety. Which as Spencer noted might just be best for everyone involved.