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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Status Up In The Air

Halo Infinite

Ever since the recent Xbox Showcase, there have been a LOT of questions about what is coming, how things will look, and more. At present, we still don’t have a release date or a price for the Xbox Series X, and because of that we don’t have a release window for certain games that are coming, such as Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite was one of the games that was the focus of the recent Xbox Showcase, showing a gameplay demo of the story campaign for fans to get a grasp on what would be coming and how certain things would be handled. The demo to many was…unimpressive, which led to much speculation about the graphics, to which the team noted it was an “incomplete build” and thus would look better by the time it was done.

But just as important though, fans wanted to know more about the other aspects of the game, mainly, the multiplayer. And so the team did a video and a Halo Waypoint post about the inquires about the multiplayer elements.

Key among them is the question of whether there will be a beta for the multiplayer like they had done in previous games. The Halo 3 beta once upon a time was tied to the new game Crackdown, and thus many people got the game just so they could get the beta.

But by the team’s admission, they have been slightly hampered in their progress because of the global lockdown. Meaning that they aren’t sure just how they’ll be able to do that, if they’ll be able to do it at all.

What’s more, they seem to indicate that they’re going to be releasing the multiplayer part of the game first, and the story element second. Which would be a first for the series. This has fueled rumors that the multiplayer could be free to play, but 343 Industries has not confirmed such a thing.