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Halo Infinite Gets Clarifications From Xbox Showcase

Halo Infinite

The Xbox Series X is the next major console coming from Microsoft, and it’s set to launch in the holiday season of this year, which means it could launch anywhere from November to sometime in March 2021, it just depends on what Microsoft wants to do. However, we do know some of the titles that they’re aiming to make the “killer app” of the system around launch time, and not surprisingly, one of them is the long-awaited Halo Infinite.

The team has been very secretive about the title ever since its announcement years ago. And we’ve only had a handful of glimpses about Halo Infinite after that, including a tease of the story and more. But at the recent Xbox Series X Showcase, a near 9-minute gameplay trailer was shown. And fans were…unimpressed in many ways. Check it out below.

One of the biggest things that fans complained about during that gameplay reveal was that the game didn’t look like a “next-gen” title. Which is obviously one of the biggest selling points of the Xbox Series X. Better graphics, faster loading speeds, and more. Yet here, it didn’t look next-gen at all, and fans called Microsoft out on it.

In response to that, Xbox Marketing GM Aaron Greenberg said in an interview with Inside Gaming that this was a “work-in-progress build”. Meaning that it’s NOT the final version of the game, it’s just what they used for the demo. Even citing the Coronavirus lockdown as a major reason why it looks the way it does.

You do have to question that though since they’ve likely had a LONG time to work on this before the showcase reveal. Plus, why show a “work-in-progress” render of one of the showcase titles for the new console?

As if that wasn’t enough, one industry insider is teasing that a key Halo feature may not be available at launch:

Only time will tell how Halo Infinite is when it launches.