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H.P. Lovecraft Goes To Mars For Moons Of Madness


Howard Phillips Lovecraft was a writer of horror fiction – creator of the popular horror monster, Cthulhu – but also unknown for most of his life and only gained popularity posthumously.


Now, after conquering the puny Earthlings, Lovecraft goes to Mars in “Moons of Madness” – due out on PC on October 22, 2019 and on consoles January 21, 2020 – where it seems a very Cthulhuesque creature is making life difficult for humans.


You play Shane Newehart, a lowly technician at the Invictus research outpost on Mars and your job is to keep things running smoothly at the research station until the transport ship arrives with reinforcements. However, you are blissfully unaware of the reason the research station was built in the first place – to discover the source of a mysterious signal emanating from the planet.


While you await the arrival of the transport ship, you begin to experience strange incidents that don’t seem to make any sense – are you experiencing space madness? [and we don’t mean the “Ren & Stimpy” kind]


You will soon find out – bwahahahaha… – well, “soon” if you have the PC version… – bwhahahahahaha