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Guilty Crown – “retraction (Degeneration)” – Episode 10 Recap


After ending Jun’s life, Shu has been shaken up to the point where he
can no longer function in life. He fails to finish a mission with
Funeral Parlor, stops going to school and isolates himself from society.
Hare attempts to work with him, but this results in Shu freaking out. Shu
is later approached by Ayase, who fails to convince him to return to
Funeral Parlor. Gai declares that Shu is dead to them and that he should never show
his face. Meanwhile it is revealed that the Chief Keido of Sephirah
Genomics stole the “rock that started everything” (the item Gai was
trying to obtain in episode 8) and has turned it in to GHQ, resulting in
his capture. Funeral Parlor executes a plan to get the rock, but
everything goes crazy when the Anti Bodies resurface and the rock is
activated by genetic resonance. Suddenly everyone in the city starts
breaking out in the Apocalypse Virus and Chief Keido is released from
his cell, declaring that they will finish what they started during the Lost

Episode ten started out pretty much just as I
predicted last week. Shu is psychologically damaged after ending Jun’s
life. He thought he could protect him, but in the end he led him to his demise.
This results in Shu seeing the virus crystals grow on everyone, which
greatly unsettles him. At the beginning Shu can’t pull out Inori’s
void, and later he starts screaming when a classmate offers to help him
out. He also has a dream involving the girl that Inori looks like (and
perhaps is). The girl is evidently his older sister and it seems as
though she played a pivotal role in Lost Christmas. I actually
genuinely felt bad for Shu for the first half of the episode. I even
felt bad for him when Ayase confronts him and gets on him about pitying
himself. Gai pointing a gun and almost shooting Shu was harsh, but Gai
has always been a jerk to Shu. Shu returns to his apartment to find
Inori still lingering around, despite being ordered to pull out by Gai.
She approaches him and hands him a new song she wants him to listen to.
Shu reaches out to take the device but he then sees the girl from his past
covered in crystals, so he accidentally smacks away the song and calls
Inori a Guilty Crown, but she gets major props from me for not letting herself be treated like an object for Shu to take advantage of. Meanwhile, Inori is taken aback
from Shu calling her a monster. She dons a white version of her red
outfit and asks Gai whether or not he thinks she is a monster; he
responds by asking if she fell in love with Shu. She doesn’t give a
direct answer, but her actions indicate that she has. I really find the whole
Shu and Inori relationship odd, considering that she barely speaks and
admitted to using him. But, she could turn out to be his older sister and that love would turn out to be familial love.  

I’ve been asking for a game changer, and the last four minutes of
episode ten certainly changed the game with both the GHQ and Funeral Parlor being tricked. Chief Keido turned himself and
the rock in so that it would be at the center of GHQ command. The
remnants of the Anti Bodies that were absorbed into the main GHQ unit
resurface under the command of Major Segai, injecting themselves with a vaccine that will protect them from the Apocalypse
Virus. Meanwhile Gai’s
plan completely fails and they find themselves trapped on a decoy plane, where they thought the rock was. Major Segai starts the genetic
resonance and people start to break out in the Apocalypse Virus, including Gai. Inori freaks out, claiming that if this doesn’t stop “she” will come out. I imagine the “she” Inori is talking about is Shu’s
supposed older sister. When Chief Keido is released and assumes command, Shu’s mother asks him what he is thinking of. He smirks and simply states “humanity’s future.” 

This ending was a chilling one that opened up a lot of new possibilities for Guilty Crown to explore. It started
out as a simple mission to recover the rock, but then evolved into so much
more. While exciting, it was also a bit confusing to figure out who is
against whom. I was under the impression that Sephirah Genomics were
with GHQ, but this episode established that they have a different agenda.
Episode ten did a great job in bringing back the excitement to Guilty
, as now I literally have no idea what to expect in the upcoming
episodes. I’m curious to know how GHQ will react to this coup and whether
or not the genome in Shu will have a reaction. Meanwhile, if Inori’s other self
awakens then we could finally get development for her and learn about her and Shu’s past. The aftermath of Funeral Parlor’s failure, the virus outbreak and
Sephirah Genomics making a move against GHQ will definitely be
interesting to watch unfold. How Shu responds to all of this remains to
be seen, but it’d be nice if he got out of this slump sooner rather than