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Grizzland Now Available For Consoles


Travel back to 1980 with “Grizzland” now becoming available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


“Grizzland” takes you to the fabled Grizzled Planet, where you will battle enemy Dinos in search of the truth behind the Grizzled Planet.


The open world platformer is presented in retro style that should remind you of your many old-school challenges [you may decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing] while you explore and try to discover secret areas. In true retro style, there are only five colors on the Grizzled Planet and once you have taken command of an area, you can backtrack and use your newly acquired powers to potentially master other areas. Additionally, the intentional resolution [128×96 pixels] should create a considerable amount of confusion on whether you have succeeded or not in your quests.


Features include:


Eternal Areas – the areas you unlock belong to you for eternity as you are free to walk from one to another without facing any loading screens.


Optional Journeys – many places on Grizzland are optional for travel as long as you are willing to embark on the journey.


Secret Areas – The secrets in Grizzland are not there just to give you an achievement. They immerse you into the game’s world and tell you the story about its creation.


Unique Items – Items you can obtain will allow you to explode, jump, recombine or shrink and are vital for your progress on the Grizzled Planet.


Unique Battles and Opponents – beware of the opponent named “Dog”.