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Green Arrow And The Canaries Still In Limbo

Green Arrow And The Canaries

Once upon a time, the only real significant live-action superhero TV show that aired during the 2000’s was Smallville, and it had a 10 year run which set up a lot of things. Then, in 2012, Arrow came to the CW and kickstarted a superhero universe across many brands and platforms that continues to this day. However, after 8 seasons, it came to an end, but the story of some of its characters did not. A “future sequel” if you will was given a backdoor pilot via Green Arrow And The Canaries.

In this show, the main character is Mia Queen, daughter of Oliver Queen, and set after the “20 years of piece” given to the world by Oliver after the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths. It would deal with the legacy of Oliver as well as the fate of Star City after it had been saved by him. The backdoor pilot was the highest-viewed episode of Season 8 not including the Crisis-themed episode, and yet, despite fans rallying for it to be picked up, the CW has not made a decision either way on its fate.

This is curious because Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti has gotten the green light for his other pitched show, a reboot of Kung Fu, to go forward Add to that new arrivals like Superman & Lois and Walker, and it makes it curious why Green Arrow And The Canaries has not been picked up yet.

To be clear, the option has not been turned down, just delayed in verbiage. All the other Arrowverse shows (outside of Arrow itself) has been picked up for another season. What’s more, Stargirl is about to make her debut on the CW as well.

It’s possible that the show is being held for a bit because of the CoronaVirus outbreak that has caused TV series to be cut short, and thus they don’t want to commit until they know they can start filming it. Either way, fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer to find out if the CW failed this city.